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About A Valley Plant

Established in 1978, I started with my first used JCB. For the first 5 years, I hired myself and JCB out per day to the local building companies. There was a need for concrete breaking work, so I invested money into a concrete & rock breaker. From that point onwards my business took off and grew rapidly. Throughout the years I have invested in new equipment, new jobs, dumper trucks, and a vibrating road roller. Since then I have developed the business and increased the services I am able to offer, drainage landscaping, foundations for new builds, concrete footings, garage floors, and any other project that requires groundwork or concrete. I now have a varied fleet of machinery from small 1 tonne to large 9-tonne dumper trucks.   No job is too big or too small for A Valley Plant and the jobs only done when the customers happy with the end product.


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A Valley Plant take immense pride in being able to offer a range of technical solutions to clients at affordable prices.